Monday, September 30, 2013

My version of Blue Tomato's Dumpster Nachos

There is a local dive called Blue Tomato on Jefferson Hwy. & Central Ave in old Jefferson.  (Near Harahan, La). Our favorite thing to eat there is an appetizer call Garbage Can Nachos.  It is an 8" pizza pan loaded with delicious Mexican chips & ingredients.  This sucker is pretty big, but if we have all the kids we opt for the Dumpster Nachos which is a 12" nachos with even more food.  This is a serious size app. It's actually more like a meal for 5! For dinner tonight we decided to make our own version of a garbage can nacho but it turned into a
What we used:
- Tostitos Artisan Southwest spices chips
- La Costena whole black beans
- Old El Paso refried beans
- 1lb. Ground meat or ground turkey
- Old El Paso original taco seasoning
- Pace medium chunky salsa
- Chi-chis green enchilada sauce
- Can of yellow & white corn
- kraft Mexican shredded cheese
- Light sour cream
- Guacamole
How to make:
Brown ground meat/turkey, sprinkle with onion & garlic powder. Drain grease. Add taco sasoning & water according to packet dirctions but also add 1 cup of Pace salsa. Cook down until most of water is gone. Put to the side.
Get your pizza pan, layer a generous amount of Tostitos chips. Heat refried beans until soft in microwave, drop globs on chips & gently spread covering as much as possible.  Next, sprinkle taco meat, corn & black beans (straight from can no need to pre-heat) and lastly top with shredded cheese.
Place pizza pan in broiler until cheese is nicely melted or slightly brown. Maybe 5-10 minutes. Remove from oven & drizzle green enchilada sauce, qucamole & sour cream all over.  Enjoy!

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