Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy Penguin 15th Birthday Card - Silhouette Cameo project

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Handmade Christmas Tree Tutorial

Christmas Ball Tree Tutorial

Everything was purchased everything from Michael's but the dollar store usually has similar items.

Things you need:
  •  1 each - 2 x 5 in Styrofoam cone
  •  decorative balls on wires this project required 8 pieces 
  •  heavy duty nips or scissors
  •  top decoration

 Snip each ball off at the longest end possible, no worries you can always cut it shorter later if needed. The longer the stem the more secure it will be.

Begin pushing each ball into Styrofoam starting at the bottom. Fill the bottom rim all the way around, move up to the next layer/line and place a ball in between the two balls from the line below.

Continue sticking the balls into the foam all the way to top. Then stick a topping into the top of the tree to finish it off.

Save the ball stem reminisce, the covered wires work great to secure the layers of yarn used in making the yarn wound Christmas tree.

 Here's my finished product of the ball tree and my yarn tree.

This is another ball tree I made. A smaller version that didn't come out the exact way I wanted. My friend liked it so I gave it to her as Christmas present. Still had fun making them all. :O)

Handmade Christmas Tree Decorations

I decided to give a try at making a cute hand crafted Christmas tree. I'm not really sure where the idea came from but during a long winded trip to Michael's and finding Styrofoam cones on the shelf, it came to me. 

The Tree on the Right is made from Yarn and wound up to the top. I love the sparkles. The cross is obviously a charm I found in the jewelry making section, just need to clip the top silver band off. 

The red & purple trees I have a few more pictures how to make it which I will post next.

My most favorite part of making these tree's is when my Godson who is 8 years old, told me " Nannie, I really like the decorations on the table, they are really nice." (He was referring to my red & yarn tree's, I gave the purple mini tree to a friend) My heart melted, what a sweet, kind, & loving child!

Can't wait to make more!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas ornament high school mascot - Silhouette cameo vinyl project

We have a few firsts & lasts this year at school. My oldest girl is a Senior, and the other two kids are Freshman, all in high school. I had to mark this momentous time in our lives. Of course, I love that my silhouette helps with all my creative needs. I picked ornaments according to each kid's high school mascot. Yes, they are at two different

This was super simple & quick. Measure area on ornament to be labeled. Type info in silhouette & cut out in vinyl. Use transfer tape & apply to ornament. Done!