Saturday, March 19, 2016

Easter Egg Basket - Silhouette Cameo Project

I cut out my basket using paper and my Silhouette Cameo machine. Then glued down a floral foam piece. This will let me stick my eggs in so they will be propped up above the basket & sit still. Next added some pink & white paper curls instead of

I put all my handmade Easter eggs in the basket added some silly pencil craft I bought at Michael's and there it is, My Easter Basket!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

55 yr old Funny T-shirt - Silhouette Cameo

This was supposed to be a great surprise for one of my best friends for her 55th bday. I'm not happy with either shirt & not sure which one is worse, so I threw the towel in & made her a nice hand towel to go with a shitty attempt at a funny
For my record at what NOT to do next time:
The first shirt I printed my design using Silhouette light transfer material. My epson printer decided it wasn't going to cooperate & gave me fits by drawing lines thru the images. After cleaning the print heads countless times to the extent of buying more ink, it still isn't working!!!
Ok. So second attempt, different way:
The second shirt I used red glitter transfer, black transfer & printed the nickels on light transfer which came out way too dark because I had to print it 2x to get rid of the lines..ugh... But yet again my epson printer is having problems. Maybe it's time for a new printer...?
Everything was frustrating to say the least with this project & I'm not happy with either. I need to do more research definitely! ...wah wah