Monday, May 25, 2015

Monogram New born onesie - Silhouette Cameo

Lovin' my Silhouette Cameo! Here's how I created this monogram on a newborn onesie using the Silhouette design program.

1.  Select text tool, with the agency fb font. 

2. The first and third letters are aprox  .85 x 2", and the center (last name) .9 x 2.5" (w x h). 

3. Select all three letters using the shift & clicking each letter. Or drag a select box over all letters from right to left. Then Mirror all the letters to the right (or left). Make sure you move the original off the cutting  mat area. Then go to the setup to cut screen.

4. Set to cut heat transfer FLOCKED material. Blade needs to be on the 3.

5. Select transfer material. I liked the royal blue flocked material on the yellow onesie, it sure does pop out.

6. Insert flocked material with the clear plastic side down. You want the blade to cut into the soft side of the material. 

7. Send design to silhouette cutter.

8. Heat iron to high no steam. Place cut out monogram design in desired spot, then place a press cloth on top & press & hold with iron aprox. 40-60 seconds.

9. Allow to cool slightly. Carefully peel back plastic making sure design sticks to material. If not cover with press cloth & repeat #8.

10. Ready to be washed! Great gift for my girl friend & her new baby.